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Senior Pictures

2018 Senior Picture Deadline

January 8, 2018

Wall Composite

To be included in the composite that hangs on the wall next to the office, you MUST have your picture taken at Ritchie Photography (also known as Executive Studios).  Ritchie Photography does this for the school and no other photographer’s pictures can go into this.  They are professional and provide quality photographs at an affordable price! 

You have two options when getting senior photos taken through Ritchie Photo/Executive Studios:

    1. Make an appointment when they are scheduled to be on location at RHS, usually in August. 

    2. Call (513) 241-4959 or visit them online at to make an appointment at             their convenient downtown location. The session fee is $10.00 which includes 2 outfits. All           

        package options and pricing can be found on their website.


We would like to include EVERY Senior in the yearbook.  To make sure that this happens, we need you to follow some basic guidelines:

If you have your Senior Pictures taken at Ritchie Photography before January 8th, you have nothing else to do. They will get us your photo and you will be  included in the yearbook. Ritchie Photography has the guidelines that we follow for yearbook  photos and know what we expect.

If you go to another photographer, you MUST follow these guidelines:

                  a.    You must have a “Head And Shoulders” only pose.  No hands or props.
                  b.    You must have a solid color background (no white).  No brick, plants, etc… 

c.    You must be dressed up.  No T-Shirts, no shirts with logos or text of any kind.

d.    No studio or student names imprinted on portrait.

e.    Vertical pose / Wallet size (2 1⁄2” X 3 1⁄2”) 

f.    Lastly, YOU are responsible for getting us the yearbook photo.  Don’t rely on your photographer to send it. There are three possible ways to submit your photo. 

    Option 1: You may submit a digital image on CD of your photo to room 101

    Option 2: You may subit in a traditional paper image, however any paper images       

                      submitted will not be returned. 

    Option 3: If the photographer is willing, they may email a hi-res image to 


We want to include you in your Senior Yearbook so please follow these simple guidelines.  If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by room 101 or email the yearbook adviser at