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FAFSA Day Information

posted Jan 21, 2016, 9:47 AM by Brian Martin

Dear Seniors, and Parents and Guardians of Seniors,

We want to tell you about an important upcoming event hosted by your RHS Counselors and the National Center for College Costs!

The RHS FAFSA Day. This event is designed to help parents of students planning to attend college after graduation complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Thursday, January 28th, anytime between 2pm-7pm
(please arrive no later than 6:30pm)

Computer Lab located in the Media Center. Just follow signs when you arrive.

  You can complete the FAFSA on your own time, in your own home, but sometimes it’s nice to have some support when completing these online documents. There will be professionals available on site at RHS on Jan. 28th to answer any questions and to help make the process smoother.

Orange Folders:
Every senior received an Orange Folder. This folder contains all of the information regarding what documents you will need to have present when completing your FAFSA. Please bring the folder and the required contents to FAFSA Day. This will make completing the FAFSA possible and most accurate.

: The 2016-2017 FAFSA will require the student and parent to create an FSA ID. (PLEASE NOTE: If you have completed a FAFSA previously for a different child, the PIN you created for previous FAFSAs is now null and void. You will still need to create an FSA ID – as this is replacing the old PINs).  This new ID is best practice for protecting against identity theft -- but will take much longer to create than the previously used 4 digit PIN.  A recent news article estimated that it could take 20 to 30 minutes to create a FSA ID for the parent and student.

In preparation for the event:
Gather the documents required as stated in the Orange Folder. You can, and should, create the FSA ID as soon as possible (especially prior to the January 28th FAFSA Day if you plan to attend).  In fact, the Department of Education has sent out notices that they are aware the FSA ID will greatly slow down the completion of the FAFSA and encourage parents and students to go ahead and create a FSA ID as soon as possible.  FSA IDs are eligible to be created now! And, you can fill out your FAFSA anytime after January 1st, 2016!   On the back of this sheet is a help sheet with information including 1) where to go to create your FSA ID and 2) the questions you must answer to do so. 

What should I bring?
The Orange Folder with the necessary documents and FSA ID information for parent and student.

Also, keep in mind: You must not share the FSA ID with anyone. Be sure to put this help sheet in a safe place to ensure security and to use for future reference. 


And, as always: Please contact a school counselor or Student Services with any questions or concerns.