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The Ohio Core



The Ohio Core, a rigorous high school curriculum, will be the standard expectation for Ohio students.  The Ohio Core will require students, beginning with the high school graduating class of 2014, to complete a rigorous curriculum as a requirement for high school graduation and as a prerequisite for admission to Ohio’s four-year state assisted institutions of higher education.

The Ohio Core includes:

*4 years of math, including Algebra II or its equivalent;

*3 years of science with inquiry-based laboratory experience, including physical science, biology, and advanced study in one or more of the following sciences: chemistry, physics or other physical science, advanced biology or other life science, astronomy, physical geology or other earth or space science;

*4 years of English;

*3 years of social studies, including American History and American Government;

*½ unit of health;

 *½ unit of physical education;

*Combination of 4 units to be chosen from among foreign language, fine arts, business, technology, and Career Technical.

*1 unit of Fine Arts (requirement may be partially met through courses taken in 7th and 8th grade)

Schools are to formally integrate economics/financial literacy into the social studies requirement or as a stand-alone class to ensure that every student is exposed to these important concepts.  RHS offers four courses that meet this state requirement.  Check with your guidance counselor for additional information.

Until 2015, students may choose to opt out of the Ohio Core after the end of their second year of high school and graduate under the requirements of the current law.  Students attending Dropout Prevention / Recovery Programs and meeting certain criteria will be permitted to earn a high school diploma under the requirements of the current law.  While these students would not be eligible to attend a state-funded four-year college or university immediately after high school, they could attend a two-year campus first, and after earning at least 10 credit hours, apply to university as a transfer student.

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