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National Honor Society Requirements

National Honor Society Requirements

  1. Students must have and maintain a 3.45 cumulative unweighted grade point average.

  2. Students must document at least two positions of leadership held during high school years, supported by adequate documentation.  These leadership activities may include both elected and non-elected positions of responsibility.  At least one of these positions must have been held within 12 months of the most recent consideration for National Honor Society selection.

  3. Students must have participated in at least 20 community service hours during the high school years, supported by adequate documentation.  These activities may serve either school or community, but may not directly or indirectly benefit the family of or the individual being considered for selection.

  4. Students must participate in at least two different school activities such as clubs, teams, musical groups, etc. during the high school years.

  5. Students must average at least a 1.5 on a scale of 0 to 2 in assessment of character by the faculty committee.  Incidences of academic dishonesty or flagrant violation of school rules are sufficient grounds for non-selection.  The Ross High School faculty will be surveyed and their combined results will contribute to the assessment of character.

  6. Upon selection, members must maintain all standards as indicated above.  Members who fail to maintain these standards or follow the Ross National Honor Society chapter’s bylaws may be put on probation or dismissed from the National Honor Society.

*Final determination of membership is at the discretion of the Faculty Council.