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Course Participation Fees

Course and participation fees are determined by the cost of specific materials needed to provide a rich educational experience for students.  Decisions to change course and/or participation fees are based on the district’s financial status and will be made by the Ross Board of Education at a public meeting. Any changes in course fees will be communicated in a timely manner.  
All student fees must be paid in order for students to participate in Commencement.

Advanced Placement Classes

Cost of AP exam plus additional fees for Science courses


All Agriculture courses -- $25.00


Art & Media Fundamentals A-- $20.00
Art & Media Fundamentals B-- $20.00
Graphic Design-- $40.00
Advanced Studio -- $40.00 lab fee, purchase of sketchbook, and purchase of a tool kit
AP Studio Art -- $40.00 and cost of AP Exam
Photography --$40.00
Other Art Classes: $30.00 per course


$125.00 participation fee per sport per student

Band & Color/Winter Guard

$50.00 participation fee plus uniform fee
Students must also pay for attendance at summer band camp and for dry cleaning of uniform as needed


Accounting I – students must purchase a set of working papers
Entrepreneurship, Intro to Business, and Personal Finance – students must purchase a simulation set
Video Production - $15.00
Yearbook – $15.00


$50.00 participation fee and uniform expenses

Drama Productions

$50.00 participation fee

Family & Consumer Sciences

$25.00 fee for any FCS class

Foreign Language

Purchase of workbook

High School of Business

$25.00 fee for any HSB class


Purchase of T1-84 calculator required

Music Theory


Physical Education



Physical Science - $15.00
Advanced Physical Science - $15.00
Biology - $15.00
Advanced Biology - $15.00
Earth Science - $15.00
Chemistry - $30.00 and purchase of safety goggles
AP Chemistry - $60.00 and purchase of safety goggles
Physics - $15.00
AP Physics 1 - $15.00
AP Physics 2 – $15.00
AP Biology - $60.00
Anatomy and Physiology - $30.00

Technology Education

Construction Technology -- $25.00 plus cost of materials and safety glasses
Computer Aided Drafting and Design -- $10.00
Advanced 3D- Computer Aided Drafting and Design -- $20.00
Construction Technology -- $25.00
Engineering Your Future -- $20.00