Block Schedule

Ross Senior High School is organized on a 4x4 block schedule.  Under this system, a school year is divided into two 18-week semesters.  Each semester is divided into two nine-week quarters.  Most courses will be in session for one quarter (9 weeks) or one semester (18 weeks).  A few courses will meet for one year (36 weeks).

Earning Credit

Credit is given for the successful completion of a course.  Each course is assigned a fractional part or one unit of credit depending upon the amount of time that course meets.  A course meeting for only one quarter would be worth 0.5 credits.  One credit would be awarded for a class that meets for one semester.

Teacher Recommendations

The staff of Ross High School wants to ensure the success of each child who enters the building.  To do so, the teachers spend a great deal of time making placement recommendations that will allow for the optimal learning opportunity for each student.  If a student and/or parent does not agree with the teacher recommendation, they may fill out a “Course Recommendation Appeal Form” (located in the guidance office).  This waiver will be reviewed by the counselor and the principal and a determination will be made with regards to student placement.  The “Course Recommendation Appeal Form” will act as a contract between the school, the parent, and the student.

Schedule Changes

Changes in student course selections will be made only according to the following guidelines:

  1. Approval for a schedule change will be authorized only for these reasons:
    1. Errors made by school personnel.
    2. A Teacher recommended level or course change which is in the best interest of the student.
    3. Consideration of schedule changes may be made for seniors who have been accepted into a Post Secondary Program.
  2. Requests for schedule changes must be initiated by a written request from the student’s parent or guardian to the appropriate counselor.
  3. Requests for a schedule change based on the above three reasons must be made within the first five days of the start of the course.  
  4. Students are not permitted to drop “contracted classes” (AP classes, Yearbook, etc.) outside of extreme extenuating circumstances. Courses dropped outside of these conditions will result in the grade of W/F on a student’s transcript.
  5. The final decision concerning any and all schedule changes rests with the high school principal.

Graduation Requirements – Class of 2017

Students must pass all parts of the Ohio Graduation Test (taken for the first time in the spring of the sophomore year in reading, mathematics, writing, science, and social studies) and earn a minimum of 25 credits as follows:

Subject Area




Social Studies (US, World, Govt.)


Mathematics including Algebra 2


Science  (Physical Science, Biology + 1 elective)




Physical Education*


Career Pathways


Financial Literacy


Ohio Core Electives


Ross Local school District Electives


Fine Arts


* Students may opt out of PE by participating in two seasons of any Ross HS OHSAA approved interscholastic athletics, cheerleading, marching band, or color guard.  See Guidance Department for appropriate form.


Due to recent legislation, there are new requirements for earning a high school diploma in Ohio.  In addition to course credits, students must earn points toward graduation on 7 end-of-course exams.  These exams will replace the Ohio Graduation Tests.  The courses in which students take an end-of-course exam will be:  English I and II, Algebra I, Geometry (or Integrated Math I and II), Physical Science (class of 2018)/Biology (class of 2019 and beyond), American History, and American Government.  Students can earn 1-5 points for each exam based on their performance:  5-Advanced, 4-Accelerated, 3-Proficient, 2-Basic, and 1-Limited.  Students must accumulate a total of 18 graduation points to be eligible for a diploma.  Of these overall points, a student must earn at least four points between the two math exams, four points between the two English exams, and six points between the science and social studies exams.  Advanced Placement (AP) exams may be substitute tests for the following courses:  AP Physics, AP American History and AP American Government.  A student who scores below Proficient on any end-of-course exam may retake the exam after receiving extra help from the school.  A student scoring proficient or higher can retake an exam only if he/she has taken all seven end-of-course exams and still is below the minimum point requirements.  Any student who automatically earned three graduation points from a course taken before July 1, 2014 can retake the exam for a higher score.

The highest score a student gets on a test will count.  Districts will scale down the graduation points requirements for students who transfer in with credit for some, but not all, tested scores. However, these students still must earn at least five points between the English II and either the Geometry or Integrated Math II exams.  Students who transfer having taken all of the tested courses will take only the college admissions test (ACT and SAT score to be set later).  If the student does not reach the score needed for graduation, the student must take the English II and Geometry exam and earn five points between them. 

The State Board has approved the criteria for the industry credentials as student may use to help qualify for a diploma.  ODE will release the first approved credentials list.

More information about the Ohio Core as well as other important educational information can be found online at