Important Dates

Monday, December 1, at 7 PM:  Meet the Coaches Night at Overtime Bar and Grill.

Participation fees are $125 for each sport.
This fee is due one week 
        following the parent meeting.

Doug Noonan:  Athletic Director 

Phone:  (513)863-1028 

Fax:  (513) 868-4500

SWOC Sports Page

Congratulations to the following athletes:

 SWOC Academic Honors

(3.50+GPA 1st Qtr)

Varsity Athletes:

Staci Barrow, Tennis

Bella Bowman, Tennis

Emily Casaceli, Cross Country

Abigail Clayton, Cross Country

Aaron Combs, Golf

Cody DePrie, Football

Natalie Dunn, Girls Soccer

Mackenzie Eason, Cheerleading

Micah Fields, Cross Country

Kelly Fisher, Girls Soccer

Tyler Flick, Boys Soccer

Breezy Foley, Cheerleading

Allie Gabbard, Girls Soccer

Riley Gleason, Boys Soccer

Katelyn Goins, Girls Soccer and Cross Country

Reece Gordley, Boys Soccer

Katie Hansen, Girls Soccer

Austin Harris, Football

David Haynes, Boys Soccer

Lauren Haynes, Girls Soccer

Mary Beth Heimkreiter, Girls Soccer

Olivia Hey, Girls Soccer

Annie Hinterlong, Volleyball

Hayley Hudson, Girls Soccer

Blaine Huffman, Football

Caitlyn Hum, Volleyball

Olivia Jones, Cross Country

Emily Kaiser, Cross Country

Ross Kaufhold, Football

Saylor Knebel, Girls Soccer

Sidney Mann, Volleyball

Lindsay Marcum, Cheerleading

Trent Matthes, Football

Adam McCandless, Boy Soccer

Kristen McGinnis, Cross Country and Girls Soccer

Olivia Meinzer, Cheerleading

Sarah Merrill, Girls Soccer

Britany Mitts, Volleyball Manager

Sierra Mize, Cross Country

Jeremy Neff, Boys Soccer and Cross Country

Ben Niederhelman, Boys Soccer

Luke Niederhelman, Boys Soccer & Cross Country

Blake Niefield, Football

Brittani Noel, Tennis

Ashley Parrett, Girls Soccer

Brittney Pugh, Tennis

Ali Rasche, Volleyball

Reilly Ryder, Football

Claire Sackenheim, Cross Country Manager

Rebecca St. John, Volleyball

Christy Schmitt, Girls Soccer

Jacob Schulten, Cross Country

Layne Shields, Girls Soccer

Lindsey Sierra, Cheerleading

Abby Smith, Volleyball

Nolan Spaw, Boys Soccer

Jordan Staggs, Girls Soccer

Alec Steele, Football

Greg Sunderhaus, Football

Madison Taylor, Girls Soccer

Joe Ulrich, Boys Soccer

Jared VanVliet, Football

Kelsey Warman, Volleyball

Rachel White, Cross Country

Jenna Wright, Girls Soccer

Hunter Wurzelbacher, Golf


Bellbrook High School vs. Ross High School

Indiana Pacers vs. Denver Nuggets

Friday, November 14, 2014 Tipoff 7:00pm | Doors Open 6:00pm*

* Subject to Change

You are invited to see the Indiana Pacers continue their quest for an NBA Championship. Sit together and be sure to see your school’s name in lights on our ribbon board at halftime! It will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Prior to the Pacers game, Bellbrook HS will host Ross HS for a Varsity Boy’s match up!

·         Tipoff  at 2:30pm Varsity Boys game

·         The Pacers game ticket gains you access to both Pacers game and the High School game. Purchase tickets with the link  and passcode provided below.

    Web address of unique purchase page:

The passcode for this event is: Ross

JV and Freshman Athletes:

Caleb Ake, Football

Max Allen, Football

Brayden Ange, Boys Soccer

Tyler Ballauer, Football

Karlie Becker, Girls Soccer

Adam Bosse, Golf

Whitney Boze, Cheerleading

Makayla Carroll, Girls Soccer

Michael Carroll, Boys Soccer

Ambir Chadwick, Cross Country

Kerrigan Coleman, Football

Kyle Curry, Cross Country

Cassidy Curtis, Girls Soccer

Karl Dierking, Boys Soccer

Cassidy Dourson, Girls Soccer

Nick Dummitt, Football

Josh Eads, Boys Soccer

Maggie Eason, Cheerleading

Lauryn Emenaker, Girls Soccer

Emma Finger, Cross Country

Allison Gerhard, Cross Country

Tea Getz, Girls Soccer Manager

Alyssa Gildea, Cross Country

Olivia Girten, Volleyball

Andrew Grady, Cross Country

Karle Hamilton, Tennis

Ally Hannon, Cheerleading

Brett Hannon, Golf

Tanner Harris, Boys Soccer

Sarah Hogeback, Girls Soccer

Madison Hollander, Cheerleading

Kamryn Iams, Girls Soccer

Emily Janssen, Volleyball

Kaitlyn Jarvis, Cross Country

Alexandra Jester, Cheerleading

Hannah Jones, Girls Soccer

Jared Jones, Football

Erin Kaiser, Cross Country

Jennah King, Volleyball

Max Kline, Boys Soccer

Sydney Lomax, Volleyball

Tanner McConkey, Boys Soccer

Dylan Miller, Football

Savannah Mills, Cheerleading

Hailey Minges, Cheerleading

Kara Mize, Cross Country

Jared Moore, Boys Soccer

Lindsey Nunn, Cheerleading

Jasmine Orr, Cheerleading

Aaron Polk, Cross Country

Hayley Prosser, Volleyball

Summer Quincy, Cheerleading

Anthony Records, Football

Michael Saylor, Boys Soccer

Jamie Schaffer, Volleyball

Mandy Schanie, Girls Soccer

Jillian Shelton, Girls Soccer

Gracie Smith, Tennis

Carrie Stenger, Volleyball

Sam Stepaniak, Football

Kody Tedesco, Cross Country

Jennifer Ulrich, Cross Country

Hannah Vangen, Girls Soccer

Andrew White, Cross Country

Lily Wszola, Cross Country

Savannah Yates, Volleyball

Molly Zaenkert, Cheerleading

SWOC All League Honors
Emily Casaceli, Cross Country, 1st Team              
Abigail Clayton, Cross Country, 1st Team             
Natalie Dunn, Girls Soccer, 1st Team              
Katelyn Goins, Cross Country, 1st Team              
Annie Hinterlong, Volleyball, 1st Team            
Caleb Jones, Cross Country, 1st Team              
John Kinkaid, Football, 1st Team              
Ben Niederhelman, Boys Soccer, 1st Team
Jordan Staggs, Girls Soccer, 1st Team
Alec Steele, Football, 1st Team
Simon Stepaniak, Football, 1st Team
Dustin Foley, Football, 2nd Team
Katelyn Goins, Girls Soccer, 2nd Team
Reece Gordley, Boys Soccer, 2nd Team
Sydnie Guenther, Girls Soccer, 2nd Team   
David Haynes, Boys Soccer, 2nd Team 
Caitlyn Hum, Volleyball, 2nd Team
Emily Kaiser, Cross Country, 2nd Team   
Sara Langworthy, Cross Country, 2nd Team
Curt New, Football, 2nd Team
Ashley Parrett, Girls Soccer, 2nd Team
Joe Ulrich, Boys Soccer, 2nd Team
Paul Young, Football, 2nd Team
Micah Fields, Cross Country, Honorable Mention
Hayley Hudson, Girls Soccer, Honorable Mention
Kristen McGinnis, Cross Country, Honor Mention
Brittney Pugh, Tennis, Honorable Mention  
Ali Rasche, Volleyball, Honorable Mention
Brett Schneider, Football, Honorable Mention
Ben Smiley, Golf, Honorable Mention 
Eric Wood, Boys Soccer, Honorable Mention
Kyle Curry, Cross Country, Sportsmanship      
Destiny Fackey, Volleyball, Sportsmanship       
Breezy Foley, Cheerleading, Sportsmanship     
Sarah Fritz, Cross Country, Sportsmanship    
Sarah Garrison, Tennis, Sportsmanship
Austin Harris, Football, Sportsmanship
Hayley Hudson, Girls Soccer, Sportsmanship     
Sidney Mann, Volleyball, Sportsmanship              
Jeremy Neff, Boys Soccer, Sportsmanship
Brittani Noel, Tennis, Sportsmanship     
Ben Smiley, Golf, Sportsmanship