*All players 
must have a physical and all paperwork filled out in order to try out*
August 3-5 at 11:45am at Circling Hills 

Important Dates

Monday, August 10, 7:00pm: Athletic Boosters Meeting

Tuesday, August 11, 7:00pm: Player-Parent Meeting, Auditorium

Wednesday, August 12, 12:00pm: Fall Athletic Photos

For open gym times please contact the head coach.


Girls Basketball:

Boys Basketball:

Brian Gunter:  Athletic Director 

  Phone:  (513)863-1028 

  Fax:  (513) 868-4500

                               Varsity Athletes:


Justin Bolin, Tennis

Alex Bowling, Track

Emily Casaceli, Track

Abigail Clayton, Track

Josh Eads, Track

Micah Fields, Track

Tyler Flick, Baseball

Katelyn Goins, Track

George Gruenhagen, Tennis

David Haynes, Baseball

Annie Hinterlong, Softball

Thomas House, Baseball

Hayley Hudson, Softball

Ally Ivey, Softball

Erin Kaiser, Track

Ross Kaufhold, Tennis

Jennah King, Track

Saylor Knebel, Track

Josh Koons, Tennis

Lindsay Marcum, Track

Jeremy Neff, Track

Ashley Parrett, Softball

Justin Parsons, Baseball

Shelby Price, Track

Michael Saylor, Track

Christy Schmitt, Track

Layne Shields, Softball

Greg Sunderhaus, Tennis

Jennifer Ulrich, Track

Kelsey Warman, Softball

Rachel White, Track

Eric Woodruff, Track

Zachary Wurzelbacher, Tennis

Savanna Yates, Track

John Kinkaid will be attending Ashland University and playing football

Simon Stepaniak will be attending Indiana University and playing football
Hayley Hudson signing to play basketball and softball at Mount Saint Joseph University

Participation fees are $125 for each sport.

This fee is due one week 
        following the parent meeting.

Spring Sports Awards

(3.50+ GPA 3rd Quarter)  

JV & Freshman Athletes:


Caleb Ake, Baseball

Olivia Burnett, Track

Ambir Chadwick, Tennis

Hannah Combs, Softball

Melody Conrad, Track

Andrye Denny, Track

Hannah Dufford, Softball

Taylor Dufford, Softball

Shea Eads, Softball

Lauryn Emenaker, Softball

Sarah Fritz, Tennis

Reece Gordley, Baseball

Brett Hannon, Baseball

Amanda Kelley, Softball

Rachel Lambert, Track

Blake Niefield, Baseball

Faith Ohmer, Softball

Jacob Reid, Tennis

Haley Rogers, Softball

Reilly Ryder, Track

Lauren Schwab, Track

Carrie Stenger, Softball

Brock Tatum, Baseball

Joshua Toney, Tennis

Joe Valentine, Baseball

Chase Wallace, Tennis

Andrew White, Track

Winter Sportsmanship Award Recipients

Staci Barrow signing to play basketball at 
Thomas More College

Luke Niederhelman signing to play soccer at Tiffin

Ben Niederhelman signing to play soccer at Manchester

SWOC Sports Page

SWOC All –Conference Honors:


Justin Bolin, 1st Team, Tennis   

Emily Casaceli, 1st Team, Track

Tanner Harris, 1st Team, Track

Hayley Hudson, 1st Team, Softball

Ally Ivey, 1st Team, Softball

Ross Kaufhold, 1st Team, Tennis

Josh Koons, 1st Team, Tennis

Rachel White, 1st Team, Track

Hayden Guenther, 2nd Team, Track

Mary Beth Heimkreiter, 2nd Team, Track

Thomas House, 2nd Team, Baseball

Caleb Jones, 2nd Team, Track

Jonathan King, 2nd Team, Track

Saylor Knebel, 2nd Team, Track

Austin McKee, 2nd Team, Baseball

Luke Niederhelman, 2nd Team, Track

Ashley Parrett, 2nd Team, Softball

Shelby Price, 2nd Team, Track

Kelsey Warman, 2nd Team, Softball

Alex Bowling, Honorable Mention, Track

Bella Bowman, Honorable Mention, Softball

Lindsay Marcum, Honorable Mention, Track

Justin Parsons, Honorable Mention, Baseball

Zach Wurzelbacher, Honorable Mention, Tennis

Abby Engel, Sportsmanship, Softball

David Haynes, Sportsmanship, Baseball

Ross Kaufhold, Sportsmanship, Tennis

Luke Niederhelman, Sportsmanship, Track

Christy Schmitt, Sportsmanship, Track

Ali Rasche will be attending Mt. St. Joseph University and play Volleyball

Curt New will be attending Morehead State University and playing football