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Video Production

Video Production is a class that produces the weekly show “Wake Up Ross High School.”

Students in this class get the experience in pre and post production using industry standard equipment and software.  

This site will serve as an outlet for the Video Production class. It will include videos of the weekly show as well as useful information about the class such as downloadable storyboards, scripts and assignments. 

Story Board Document
Script Writing Document

Current Episodes

Archived Episodes

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Video Production

1 Semester 1 Credit

GRADE LEVEL: 10, 11, 12

PREREQUISITE: Teacher Recommendation
COURSE FEE: $15.00

Video Production will cover shooting video, pre and post production, types of shots, lighting and coverage as well as editing using iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Students will work to create video graphics with LiveType and and audio with Soundtrack.  Students will learn a variety of ways to deliver content via the web, DVD and television as well as for personal video devices such as the iPod.  Students will be required to assist with the recording and production of school activities for broadcast as well as the production of a weekly morning television program.  Access to a personal digital video camcorder is highly recommended but not required.